This time of year is when most runners are either planning races for the year ahead or the entries are already in and the training has already begun. We all need a target event or events to focus on and give us a new challenge whether it be to chase a PB in the same races, step up to a new distance, try different events or decide to do something different and fundraise for a charity close to their hearts. I’m no different and I would probably tick the ‘all of the above’ box in relation to all that.

A couple of years ago I ran the Paris and Edinburgh marathons and coached others as part of a big
fundraiser for a local charity, PKAVS, whom I’d made many new friends with some of the team as part of a different event. In 2014 I will be stepping up to do more fundraising but this time I will be raising money for MacMillan after losing my dad to cancer earlier this year. My reasons for doing my challenge are for the memory of my dad, who introduced me to the joy of running and inspired me to keep running, and also to help raise the awareness of oesophageal cancer and the importance of getting early symptoms checked.

My challenge will be to run the Paris and Loch Ness Marathons in April and September and cover the distance of 850 miles between the two locations in the 25 weeks between the two races. That works out to around 30 miles each week, which in training terms is not too drastic. As part of the challenge of covering the distance, I will be running the 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival in May.

I’ve found the thought of running 4 races in 2 days strangely exciting! I recently had a chat with a friend (and a very inspirational runner), Mark Cooper, who has done this before and gave me a few useful tips. I know I can do it but the interesting bit will be racing the half then jumping on a motorbike to the start to run the full marathon. I’ve never considered jogging or running a marathon for the fun of it before! I am also delighted that my wife, Allison McArthur, will be joining me in the fundraising in all 3 marathons.

I have a few other races in the pipeline that will help eat up the miles for my challenge and keep me ticking over between marathons. In the meantime, I’ll keep my fitness ticking over through December and get ready to step things up when January comes.

If you are interested in sponsoring me or becoming part of my team and help me raise a lot of money for an amazing cause then either click the link below or get in touch.

Thank you

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