The week before a marathon (part of the taper) is usually about winding down and resting up later in the week to conserve energy for the big day. Sadly my job as a Personal Trainer doesn’t allow too much rest although I’ll do my best to keep my exercise to a minimum and get a good night’s sleep every night to ensure I’m as rested as possible.

It’s going to be weird on the start line as I know I haven’t done nearly enough training for this yet I’ve felt confident in each of my early Sunday morning training runs and have no concern about my ability to complete the race. In fact, I’m probably more relaxed about this race than any other marathon I’ve run. Perhaps, it’s down to not having any great expectations or target time to chase. I’m usually chasing a PB and that can lead to additional stress, like it did last year in London, and so going into a race with no major target is quite refreshing.

I went out this morning with the intention of doing 6-8 miles and ended up just short of 8 miles at a nice steady pace of 7.39 min/mile thanks to catching up with a former colleague, Lynn Cameron, who’s also training for the same race. After a mile, I spotted someone ahead of me and while my plan was to maintain a steady pace throughout, instinct kicked in and I picked up the pace trying to catch them and as I got closet, I recognised it was Lynn. I’m normally prefer to run on my own but on this occasion I was happy to run with Lynn as she was running at a pretty decent pace and its good to have someone where you can push each other on. The miles whizzed by and I was on my way home.

It was then off to teach Metafit at Gleneagles but sadly no-one turned up so I was able to go into the pool. The plan was to go in to relax the muscles but I ended up doing some aqua jogging for half the pool then turn round and run as hard as I could to the end. This is actually quite hard to do when running against the flow of the water but makes for a good workout. I did this a few times as I thought it would be good conditioning for next week. We’ll soon find out if it helped.

This week’s plan will be to rest as much as is possible, eat well, sleep well then go for it next Sunday.

Happy Running!


3 thoughts on “One week to go

  1. Good luck. Run well. Our family is watching this race closely as our youngest daughter is running her first Marathon at Loch Ness on Sunday. Have a great race.


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