It’s midway through August and 6 weeks to the Loch Ness Marathon and my training program seems a bit like its been done by raffle with random runs being thrown in with no logical structure in place. I do feel though that I could be about to run my most consistent marathon yet!

My approach to marathons is usually a bit more structured with regular runs done during the week and carefully planned long runs on Sundays. I know what I’m meant to be running when and where my 18/20 mile runs should be and never really waver from that. Mind you, my marathon training is usually done in the first part of the year with an April race in mind. I’ve only run an autumn marathon once before, in Edinburgh in 1999 when it used to be in August and started in Dunfermline, crossed the Forth Road Bridge and finished at Meadowbank Stadium. That’s also the race I set my PB of 3hrs 19mins. I don’t believe for one minute though that I’ll get anywhere near that at Loch Ness.

My training recently has been a mix of 10k distances while trying to measure a new route for the Perth 10k race with only one 10 mile race done so far and some runs done with my personal training clients. My training plan is consisting of doing what I feel like doing when I get the chance to run. I have been reasonably consistent with my pace though and I’m finding 8 min miles quite comfortable and possibly the pace I could run the marathon.

Even though I’m way off where I’d normally be in my normal training plan, I’ve no doubt that I’ll finish the race and I believe that I’ll be quite comfortable with the hill at 19/20 miles on the course. The one consistent part of my training has been teaching Metafit 5 times a week at the moment. While I don’t do the full workout in the classes, the amount I am doing has definitely helped me run any distance without struggling greatly, as I thought I might be. Another key to my confident approach to the marathon is stripping everything back to basics. I’ve put aside my iPod for which I had become reliant upon in training runs and some races and the only piece of technology I’m using is my trusted Garmin to check my time/distance at the end of each run rather than the constant checking of pace. The difference has been pretty good, running is feeling so much easier and I’m enjoying the miles much more now.

Happy Running!


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