In order to become your best, you first need to dream your goal, understand the value of it, make it part of your everyday life, feel like you are constantly working towards something and go out and get it.

These are words which, for me at this time, have never been truer. Additionally, “Remind yourself why you started” and “You’re only as good as your last race” are also ringing true for me just now.

I continuously tell my PT clients this and how it’s lots of little changes that make the biggest difference and I realise that I must also apply these to myself. I’ve noticed I’ve become a bit lazy this year as I’ve missed not having a spring marathon to train for and while I’ve got Loch Ness Marathon in September, it still feels a long time away and still plenty of time to train for it. The truth is though, my body is definitely missing the training and I’m now finding myself thinking more about my goals for this summer as well as the race itself.

My goal is to run sub 3:15 at Loch Ness to claim a good for age place for the 2015 London Marathon. I’ve been trying to do this for the last year or two but never made it and so I’m determined more than ever to do it this year. Why? To prove that you are never too old to achieve the things you want in life. My PB of 3:19 was set in Edinburgh in 1999 and in the last few years I’ve been running faster than I’ve ever done and smashed PB’s over every distance except the marathon.

Starting now, I will have the longest period of training I’ve ever had to prepare although I’ve not been doing nothing having run 3 races in the last 2 months (2 in the same day) and my times have not been too bad but I realise that I cannot rely on these races alone as stepping stones. I need to work harder and become more consistent with my training.

I know what I need to do over the next 6 weeks or so until we go on holiday and do the three 5k races we’ve signed up for. It’s not about the Sunday runs though and I need to focus on the midweek training, the everyday things like eating at the right intervals, getting a good night’s sleep every night and staying properly hydrated and also cutting back on the amount of coffee I’ve become aware of drinking recently.

Achieving your goals means making a lot of changes to your life but if you make one change every week then the results come quicker than you think. Sacrificing things you enjoy for things that you really want is much more satisfying.


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