On Sunday I headed out for a run with a clear plan, my head said it wanted to do 10 miles so that’s what I did. Well, actually I did 11 in the end but essentially the job was done. It wasn’t the fastest I’ve ever run but I felt good and could’ve kept on going for another couple of miles.

Sometimes the best runs come when you switch off from everything else and just run. No music, the Garmin was doing its job in the background so no constantly checking pace or anything else. I like nothing more than getting out of town on a country road, get into a comfortable pace and switch off from the world and let my brain unwind. It’s amazing how the miles fly by when you think about other things! For me, it’s all about coming up with ideas for my business, finding solutions to things that have been nagging me and think about targets for my running this year. By the time I had finished, I had all the answers I was looking for particularly with the biggest issue of them all….how to fit in midweek runs to make the Sunday runs easier!

My weekend runs are good but in order to make them better, I need to make time to fit some runs in during the week. The challenge I have is that there aren’t any shower facilities at my studio so I can’t fit in runs between clients the way I used to when I was based at the gym. My solution so far has been to run home from my studio in the afternoons when I take a break, have a shower then walk back out again later. While the journey is only 1.5-2 miles, it’s a step in the right direction and a platform from which to build on.

If you really want to make a difference, you need to make time to do it and do it well. It’s not one training session, one item of food, pill or potion. The magic comes from a combination of a number of things but mainly making a commitment, and time, to get the outcome you want.

Happy Training!


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