Today was meant to be just an average Saturday where I get a bonus short run from my studio to the North Inch for my Running Club session then usually home afterwards however, due to a bit of rescheduling, I ended up doing way more than I intended to and loved every minute of it!

The difference today was that I had a client booked in for 11.30 and so the plan was to run to my club, back to the studio then back home again to finish with. The distance is roughly 2 miles from my studio to the North Inch and probably 1.5 miles to my flat so 5.5 miles all in sounded like a good idea. That plan changed when I decided to meet my client at Moncrieffe Hill. The snow was crisp on the Inch and I thought getting out in the snow would be good for my client, Angie, who is training to go to Everest Basecamp in 7 weeks time. I didn’t realise just how deep the snow would be up the hill.

Walking and running in the snow is a phenomenal workout for the legs as you need to lift your knees up with every step. The crisp snow on the Inch was challenging for my Running Club guys but ultimately beneficial for them in terms of endurance. The roads in Perth were reasonably clear despite all the snow from yesterday. The snow on the hill though was different. It was soft, knee deep in some parts and nearly waist deep in others! The great bit about this is that you’re constantly running on snow so tree roots, rocks etc are fully covered.

Moncrieffe Hill in Perth has a great path around it and a pretty steep mound to climb to get to the very top. This was even harder in the deep snow (see the photo above). The views at the top of the hill are pretty stunning but this became even better with all the hills covered in white. Coming down from the top usually requires a bit of careful footing but as we only had snow to worry about, we decided to go for it and run down. My client isn’t a runner but she had a ball!

While the snow run was amazing, my legs certainly felt it and I knew running back to my flat was going to be pretty hard going. By the time I finished, I was shattered and felt like I had run 20 miles rather than 5.5 or 7 miles including the hill.

I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun running but this one reminded me why I love running so much and I can’t wait for the next one. I might just head back up the hill again tomorrow!


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