I headed out on my first proper training run of the year this morning and got that feeling 20120520-165237.jpgthat every runner gets, run the first mile feeling great and hitting the same pace as when I was running well last summer before slowing down rapidly in the second mile then recover in time for the last mile once common sense has kicked in. While it was hard work, it was one of those runs where you remember all the reasons you love running.

This is late for me to start training as I usually get my head down and start on the first Monday of the new year with a Spring Marathon on the horizon but I don’t have that focus this year. We did have places for the Paris Marathon but after Allison’s injury problems from last year, we decided to pull out to focus on fixing the issues that affected her and allow her to build up training gradually to avoid any recurrences. This was fine by me as I am busy just now building my business up and have decided to go for an autumn marathon instead. When the usual focus is taken away, I find it hard to do any meaningful training.

I’m pleased that this has changed now with the announcement of the races for the Perth Road Runners Championship for 2013. The races are:

1. Alloa Half marathon :: Sunday 17th March
2. Newtonmore 10mile :: Saturday 23rd March
3. Loch Leven Half ::  Saturday 11th May
4. Dunfermline 10km:: Date TBC
5. Dundee Half :: Sunday 21st July
6. Ballater 10 mile:: Date TBC
7. Perth 10km :: Sunday 25th August
8. Stirling 10km :: Sunday 15th September
9. Templeton 10mile :: Date TBC

It’s 7 races out of 9 and so I will be dropping Newtonmore and Perth 10k as I’m busy with work on Saturdays just now to do the first one and I’m the organiser of the second so I can’t do that either! The rest gives me a good focus to maintain good fitness throughout the year but also to make sure I’m peaking at key times for each distance. The last time I competed for the Championship I finished 2nd and so if I can repeat that, I would be delighted.

Today’s run was nothing special really but then the first run never is. It is, however, very powerful at showing you exactly where you are and when you know exactly where you want to be, you know the steps you have to take in order to get there. In short, it gives you the kick up the backside you need to get out there more often.

Happy Running!


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