If you’re like the rest of us, me included here, you ate and drank too much over Christmas and your trousers are feeling a wee bit tighter then now is the time to start moving. Let’s face it, how often do we eat chocolate for breakfast then sit down to a huge feast in the afternoon then eat more chocolate in the evening, washed down with a few glasses of fizz?

If all this sounds familiar then you’re not alone. Let’s work on a solution.

The first step is to get back into the routine of eating regular meals with good sources of protein, lots of fruit and veg (you are excused Brussel Sprouts now) and plenty water. The good news is that this weight-gain is likely to be undigested food in our stomach and water retention from the extra sugar and salt we’ve taken in so that should magically disappear within a day or two of returning to our normal routine.

The next step is to get out there and do some exercise. If you don’t feel up to the gym, get out and walk, run or whatever exercise you enjoy. Outside is usually best to get some fresh air after the time spent indoors. While you’re unlikely to burn the 4 million calories you’ve consumed, you’ll feel so much better after being out.

The last step is to start planning for the first couple of days of the new year. Mentally, we wait until the first Monday of a new year to start anything but as the saying goes, “Out with the auld, in with the new” so you can use the next few days to decide what things you want to leave behind in 2012 and use Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week to start putting into practice all the things you want to happen in 2013.

You can do it! It’ll probably be easier than you think.

Happy New Year!


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