End of an Era

That was an interesting week which marked what I believe will be a massive turning point in my career. Friday was officially my last day at Bannatyne’s and while these can be emotional times, I finished the day full of excitement and ready to start the next chapter, opening my own pt studio. I realised on Friday what I’d actually miss from a place where I’ve spent the last 9 years and more, the social aspect of chatting to some of the members.

I started there as a fitness instructor with Livingwell in 2003 after being made redundant from my previous job. The next 2 years were fantastic and the club was an amazing place to work as there was a great atmosphere and Livingwell put a lot of focus on creating a great team and encouraging the staff to interact with members. Even when I left there to start my own business in the same building, I was still treated as part of the team. Over the years since then, the dynamics of Bannatynes have changed considerably and while a few people are good, there doesn’t seem to be the same spirit around the place and the company’s policies seem a bit bizarre to say the least. Maybe it was the right time to go?

Over the course of the week, I’ve moved some stuff into the studio and on Friday I met a few of my new neighbours at the coffee morning held in the centre in aid of MacMillan. I had a great time, was made to feel very welcome and there generally seems to be a nice buzz about the place. I came away feeling pleased that I made the decision to go there and I can’t wait to get started.

Changing environment brings with it different challenges but also new opportunities. I have felt for some time that I needed this change in order to evolve my business but also for me mentally. Perhaps I’ve been a bit lazy over the last year but I can’t wait to get stuck in, get back into training and see what I can achieve.

Change is good if you understand the value of what you are leaving behind and are ready to grasp the opportunity that lies before you.


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