A New Challenge

Last week I signed up for 3 races to keep me focused for the next 6 weeks or so but a 4th one was also added for a bit of fun, one which may turn out to be the most interesting challenge of all. I have been challenged to a Triathlon at Bannatyne’s Health Club in Perth next Saturday (15th) by a friend of mine, Graeme Lundberg – a member of the gym who set out at the beginning of the year to run 5 marathons but has done far more than that by doing a few half marathons, cycling sportives, a couple of tri’s and a half ironman.

I agreed to the challenge to help promote his fundraising and also to help my own fitness. The challenge will comprise of 75 lengths of the 20m pool, 40km on the bike then 10km on the treadmill to complete the Olympic distance. I covered the same distance doing a gym challenge that I set up for gym members a few years back but did it in a different order with the swim going last. I remember it being tough back then and after a training session this morning, I can’t really see it being any easier this time round!

My biggest challenge with this one will be the swimming. I am now trying to perfect the front crawl after years of solely doing the breast stroke. I went in to practice this morning and got a few tips from a guy who works at the gym, who used to swim at the highest level for the Czech Republic. Judging by this morning’s performance, I’m going to need quite a few practice sessions this week to resemble anything other than a brick! I will not be troubling Michael Phelps anytime soon.

The fact that I found this really difficult when others do this effortlessly has given me the motivation to work harder to get it right. I don’t expect to be doing to crawl proficiently by next week but it is definitely something I’m going to keep going with beyond this challenge and who knows, I might just try a Tri next year!


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