Return to Races

This year I have spent more time organising races than actually running them and so it was a welcome relief to get my Perth Road Runners vest on again and get back to what I enjoy most.

This year started brightly with a good time up at Newtonmore before a good learning experience in London. The 5k’s we did in Florida was a good stepping stone to get back out running when we got home, particularly as we’d entered the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon in Glasgow. I managed a few good longer Sunday runs in but the midweek runs had slipped while I was organising the Perth 10k race and putting together the plans for my new studio.

My race plan was to simply get round and see what time I could get. I enjoy these races where it’s not in the club championship so there is no pressure on getting a certain time. One of my friends from the club, Chris, was also running and so we decided to run together as we were pretty much aiming for similar times. I have never ran beside anyone on purpose in a race before and so this was a new experience. I actually enjoyed it as we kept each other going throughout, taking turns to set the pace. My lack of training showed by the time got to 9/10 miles and so I let Chris push on as I was struggling with the pace.

Having someone run with you or just ahead is invaluable as I tried to keep Chris in my sights and the 2 miles to mile 12 flew by. I noticed Chris slowing down at the last water station and so I dug deep to close the gap. With about 400m to go, I caught up with and then went past Chris. I was feeling good at this point but when Chris responded and we went for the sprint to the line, I had nothing left and my calves tightened up. I finished in 1hr 38mins, which I’m pretty pleased about and that time was mostly down to running with Chris. Cheers mate!

The recovery has taken longer though and so I will make sure I train properly in future! It does feel great to be back out racing again and have entered the Big Fun Run 5k, Half Kilomathon to build up my fitness again before tackling the Aviemore Half next month. I am looking to get my time right down to something more familiar there and so I now have a focus to get my training back up to scratch. I’m looking forward to it already!


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