Getting back into it

Its been a while. Not just writing this post but also getting back into some serious running.

I took a break from running after the London Marathon to focus on organising the Kilt Run and missed a couple of races in the Perth Road Runners Championship in the process. I ran in the Kilt Run but that was it until we went on holiday in July. The purpose of going on holiday was to enjoy a well-earned rest but we ended up to do three 5k races! The Watermelon 5k on 4th July, a return to Run Thru Hell and the Cool Summer Mornings 5k on our last day.

These races are essentially a bit of fun and Allison and her parents also took part. The first one was pretty good, a run through the streets in Orlando with the bonus of the watermelon at the finish line, a fantastic way to rehydrate after a run. The second one was a return to the Run Thru Hell 5k, a race we did 2 years ago on our honeymoon, but sadly due to a hurricane before we arrived, the “Hell” stretch off the main paths was out and we stuck to the main paths. This didn’t make it any easier and I was pleased to finish 3rd in my age category again.

The final one was on our last day and a 5k run alongside a Triathlon. This was my favourite race of all, for the route and also for my placing. Due to confusion, we ended up to run a wee bit further than 5k and I crossed the line in 1st place however I knew my joy would be short-lived as I actually finished 4th overall but I was 1st ‘Master’ to finish so I still won a prize.

I must admit it has been a struggle to get back into running again regularly since returning home even though I will be running in the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon in Glasgow on 2nd September. The biggest challenge has not only been consistency but also recapturing the speed I built up before London. Every run I’m getting stronger but I think a personal best will be beyond me in Glasgow.

Running in Glasgow will be a stepping stone as I want to go faster over the marathon distance next year and so this is merely a statement of my return to running and the first step towards bigger things. I think the secret is to keep setting smaller goals as part of the picture towards the bigger goal to keep you focussed and to measure your progress.


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