Close but no cigar

It’s just over a week now since London and I delayed writing this until I had recovered mentally as well as physically. I made the mistake of going into work the next day and then carried on the full week despite my body feeling tired and my legs doing a good impression of Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks.

I didn’t quite get the time, or performance, I had hoped for in the marathon and my initial reaction was to blame the slower runners being in the in the wrong pen, among the faster ones and therefore slowing me down. The truth is, really, I can only blame myself for hitting the panic button too early and going too fast to play catch up whereas if my training had probably been more consistent, I wouldn’t have had to worry too much about slowing down over the last 10k.

I’m actually glad it all happened in a way. Burning up at 22 miles was never part of the plan but I can recall at least one week where I skipped a few runs but still managed the long Sunday run. The regular short runs contribute as much towards the big race as the weekly longer runs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted to have walked/hobbled/jogged the last 4 miles and still got under 3hrs 30mins.

Even though I’ve now run 11 marathons (7 in London), I am still learning and more determined now to get that pb although it will likely be in Paris next April. Failure isn’t bad, it’s learning from it doing things better next time that make you stronger.



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