2 Weeks and Counting

The hard work has certainly been done and now it’s putting the finishing touches to my training and getting my mind and body ready for the challenge ahead in London.

This point seemed so far off back at the start of my training in early January. The weeks have flown by and I feel I have achieved a lot in that time, and quite possibly learned more about myself along the way. This hasn’t been a normal marathon prep for me, this has been about sticking to a plan and to train my body to run faster than its ever done before. In the past, there have been times when my training has fallen apart or I’ve simply been ticking boxes along the way to say I have run x miles on a long Sunday run or counted my weekly mileage. This time it’s been different, it’s been counting intervals and duration of intervals and it feels good. I don’t feel bad about not doing 30/40/50 miles per week, this time it has been quality over quantity.

I did my final Threshold pace run today with 4x20mins, 90secs recovery between each one and around a mile either side for warm up/cooldown. Even though I hadn’t run all week and my body felt tired, I still managed to run it in good pace and to keep going at the same pace would get me my target time. I still won’t be taking anything for granted though and these two weeks will be about priming my body for the main run.

I plan to run 2-3 runs this week with maybe an 8-10miler by Wednesday, a 10k next Sunday and a couple of runs during the following week just to keep the legs ticking over. Inbetween times I plan to spend a bit more time stretching, relaxing, time in the jacuzzi and possibly a massage. Another important factor will take place this week, creating my race plan. Everything from the first mile to various points around he course to finishing the race. Every detail will be important to me to run the race I want to run and to get the performance I want. I will create a playlist that will help me get the focus and listen to it constantly whether I am running or not to help build my race mindset.

It’s normal at this stage to feel nervous and excited at the same time. This hasn’t happened yet but I’m sure it will this time next week. For now, I am going to look forward to running less and also to 3 weeks time when I get to have a lie-in on a Sunday!

Happy Running!


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