Defining Marathon Pace

I finished off my last “big”training run for London with 20miles done in around 2hrs 25mins which sets me up perfectly for the big day in 3 weeks time. This session included 6x20mins at Threshold Pace with 90secs recovery between each one and a mile either side of it as warm-up and cooldown. What pleased me was that the pace felt good throughout and I was still on target pace in the last mile. I also got the sign that all runners look for at this stage, the feeling that I could have kept going and hold onto the pace I was running at.

The next 3 weeks are going to be about winding down the mileage, maintaining some consistency of runs during the week to keep the legs ticking over and work on my race strategy. I did some of that last week at Newtonmore so it’s not really going to differ much from what I did there except over 26.2miles instead of 10!

I also need to work on what my pace is going to be and it may be harder to do this than what I thought. All bar one of my long Sunday runs have involved me doing the Threshold Pace sessions and my body has now got so used to them, a steady paced run seems a bit alien now! On one hand I could do a massive speed drill session in the marathon and still come away with the time I want but I think I would be better to find a good pace where I can still vary the pace at certain times. I want to feel good and be in control throughout and feel that I can hold the pace through the last 6-8miles and finish strongly.

This week’s training will involve a recovery run tomorrow, 10k or so on Tuesday (or a TRX workout for flexibility and mobility), 10-15 miles including some fast mile reps on Wednesday, 8 miles or so on Thursday, rest on Friday, 10k steady on Saturday then around 15 miles race pace on Sunday.

It’s important at this stage of marathon training to continue to do some form of conditioning to make sure the muscles are in good shape and that regular flexibility work will ensure the body is in perfect condition as the target race gets closer.

Happy Running!


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