This week, I set upon my goal from last week of making sacrifices to get my training done and the result….some improvements but I’ve gone for quality as much as quantity and I’m happy with that.

I fitted in a recovery run of 5 miles on Monday, which served a dual purpose as I needed to cover the Kilt Run route to measure it again due to one or two tweaks from the original course. It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper recovery run and I reminded myself of how good they are for helping the muscles to return to normality after a challenging run the day before. No matter how hard your long run is, get out again the next day for an easy-paced run of around 30mins or so and even the most lead-weighted legs will benefit from it.

Tuesday was a funny day for me so had to skip the run and Wednesday,Thursday and Friday allowed me short times to fit runs in so I opted for 1 mile splits on the treadmill with 0.2 mile recoveries. I managed just 2 miles on each day but it was an improvement on last week and helped maintain my performance in today’s run rather than slow down due to lack of training, which is my main fear at the moment. I think the fear of being “oh so close” to my target rather than beating it comfortably is now driving me on to do better next week.

Today’s run was a break from the norm with a 14 mile run instead of my usual threshold pace intervals. I followed the route of the Heaven & Hell Half Marathon just minutes from Perth and the glorious sunshine contributed to the stunning scenery throughout the run. If you don’t know this race, it’s superbly put together by Perth Road Runners and involves challenging uphill stretches which seem to go on forever and downhill stretches which last for a mile or two at a time. I felt it was pretty useful to do a shorter distance in preparation for my first race of the year next week, the Newtonmore 10 mile.

My plan for this coming week is:

Monday: 6-8 x 10min Threshold Pace drills with 90secs recovery
Tuesday: Recovery Run am; 8 x 1mile splits on Treadmill
Wednesday: 6-8 miles steady pace
Thursday: 6x1mile splits on treadmill
Friday: 20-30min jog
Saturday: Newtonmore 10mile
Sunday: 10-15 miles – either steady run or threshold pace drills

In addition to this, I will be doing some light training with TRX and ViPR to help with flexibility and mobility so I stay injury free.

This will likely be the toughest week of my schedule and not only does my body feel up to the challenge, I am really looking forward to stepping things up a bit. My goal is within reach and I am now taking these steps to go out and grab it.


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