Another week of training done with a lot of positives from it and also a lot of learnings which I know are crucial to achieving my goal in London

First, the good news. I had some unexpected free time on Thursday due to cancellations so I went out with the idea of running around half marathon distance. I followed a familiar route out by Scone Palace then past Perth Racecourse before turning around at the 6.55 mile point and coming back. This started out as a fairly steady run then turned partly race when I discovered I could get under 1hr 30mins for the distance. I ended up to finish the 13.1 mile run in 1hr 30mins 45secs, which is still 45secs faster than my personal best!

My run today was to follow on from last week’s one and set out to do 16 x 8mins at threshold pace with 90secs recovery. I had thought this would give me around 18miles after 16/17 last Sunday. I was stunned when during one of my recoveries, I realised I was about to go past 20 miles! I ended up to do 21 but I noticed that I had slowed down somewhat over the last 3 miles or so and I knew at 20 there was no way I would be able to run another 6 miles anywhere close to target pace. I have been gradually missing a few runs during the week due to work and other commitments. Now it’s time to change all that and get back on track.

In order to get the results we want, we have to make sacrifices in order to achieve them and I’m no different. Being fitter, stronger, faster, changing body shape etc cannot happen unless we make a commitment to what it’s going to take to get there. For me, I am fortunate I have another 6 weeks to the marathon though technically 4 weeks to make meaningful changes as the last 2 weeks are all about easing back. This means I will schedule daily runs into my diary and anything else will have to fit in around my training. I will also have to plan my meals accordingly so I have plenty of energy to inspire my pt clients and do other things that are important to me. If this means getting up 30mins earlier each morning then it will be worth it if I get my time in London.

This may sound like a slog but I believe it will be far from it and will probably make me more productive during the day. Regular exercise will allow my mind to switch off from everything else and come up with exciting new ways to help grow my business, help my clients and figure out how to get some of those annoying tasks done much quicker!


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