It’s Marathon time!

The race number dropped through the letterbox this morning so it’s official, I will be running in the Edinburgh Marathon this Sunday – not that there was ever any doubt!

This week is all about taking it easy with a couple of short distance runs and some gentle jogs to keep the legs ticking over although in my job, complete rest isn’t really an option!

I’m quite excited about Sunday’s race as I will be joined by my wife, my client Jenna – who will be running her first full marathon and 8 teams in the Relay event from my Hairy Haggis Club. I’m excited for them as they have all worked very hard and progressed with ease through the training particularly pleasing asapart from a few, most had never really run prior to the start of the club in February!

On a personal note, I am looking forward to the race as although I haven’t done anywhere near the volume of training I have done for any marathon in the past, my recent performances over 10k and Half Marathon distance have been just outside my personal bests for both distances. This gives me a sense of optimism although my plan is to simply relax, enjoy the race and see what happens.

Don’t get me wrong, I know the race will be a challenge but once Sunday morning comes, I will go through the very same pre-race routine that has served me well in every race I have run and my head will be switched on to the pace I want to be running at and comparing my times as I go round and focussing on being strong in the last few miles and that sprint finish at the end. While it may be the least physically prepared, it will be the most mentally prepared I’ve ever been.

If you’re reading this and running on Sunday, plan your run well, enjoy it and give it your best shot – it might be the only time you ever run a marathon!