Never Failure, Only Feedback

We all have a “bad day at the office” training session from time to time where things didn’t go according to plan. This can often demotivate us and set us back a bit however, it could also turn out to be the most important workout we have. The key is to understand what happened, why it happened and what we need to do to get a better result next time.

Thursday night was hills night with Perth Road Runners and this session involved running 4 loops of a route on Deuchney Woods with 2mins recovery between loops. This area is well known to me as I’ve run fairly regularly in these woods and Kinnoull Hill for years. Thursday’s session was a real struggle and after a great first loop, I found myself slowing down and becoming breathless much quicker. I got through it but quickly realised that I hadn’t eaten much food that day and the gaps between meals were far too long and my body was almost running “on empty”.

Friday was a different story as I made the effort to eat something every 2-3hrs and felt full of energy throughout the day. This meant that I was able to run better with clients on Friday and again on Saturday at my running club session.

Sunday was marathon training time. After a struggle between 3-4miles, I kept going and ran 19miles before my legs decided enough was enough and it was time to stop. I also noticed that I was way off the pace where I wanted to be and also where I was when I was running at my best around 6 years ago. It would be easy to blame my age but this was simply down to lack of training.

Whether this is down to complacency or finding an excuse to skip a run during the week, yesterday’s run was the biggest kick up the backside I have been needing. I’m lucky that I still have just under 7 weeks to race day so my plan is to work hard over the next 4 weeks, make the time to get some quality runs in during the week and make those Sunday runs easier.

If you find yourself struggling through your usual workout, consider whether you’ve taken on enough fuel or if you’ve been consistent with your training. The answer will usually be right there and the secret is to work harder to get better results next time. The extra effort will be worth it!


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