The first week of the year can often be a slog when your body reminds you of how much you enjoyed the festive season and the "one more drink/mince pie/serving of pudding won't do any harm" strategy you decided was a good idea at the time. That said, we do tend to try starting running … Continue reading Boom!


My Year Of Running 2018

I've been inspired to write this post by my wife, Allison, after reading her post on the same subject. This is an interesting post for me to write as I never usually review my year in this way. When I write a post to review my year, it's usually checking in on the goals I … Continue reading My Year Of Running 2018

Starting Out With A Plan, Finishing With A Purpose

How do you feel when a run doesn't go to plan? Do you get upset at the outcome or appreciate that it happened and learn from it? It's ok, we all have them. Nobody is perfect, not even me. I know you find that surprising eh? 😉 It's not about what happened that actually matters, it's … Continue reading Starting Out With A Plan, Finishing With A Purpose

Week In Training – Winding Down….Sort Of

It's hard to motivate yourself when you know you're about to head into a period when you won't be running and know that whatever you do isn't going to make any difference when the fitness gained will soon be lost. I'm about to get a procedure done on my foot to remove what appears to … Continue reading Week In Training – Winding Down….Sort Of